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Don Logan, Manager
Bennett's Valley Ambulance Assoc.

As far as projects in the last 12 months we have completed our flag pole project and dedicated it to all those who serve in the community and country.

We installed an emergency generator for the building in case of power outage so we can operate our total service in case of an extended power failure.

We added signage to our building and along the highway so we can be located.

We had ADT install a security system because of some problems that occured and also because of some incidents that have occured in the local community.
Better safe than sorry!  

We had some work done to the end of our driveway because of holes and water problems.

We also thank those who donated time and money so we could complete these projects. We want to have an emergency service that our community can depend on and be proud of.

Thank You All for your continued support!

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The above Body Armor is one of our newest projects for 2016 and its a shame that Ambulance and Fire Services have to start preparing for increased violence on the job. As you know this is where the world is going and we must be ready for anything. The equipment should be ready to go by the end of April.